Convictions & Paradigm Shifts – Podcast

This week, I had the pleasure of appearing on another episode of Exploring Faith, Pursuing Grace. Unfortunately, Kevin Pendergrass could not be with us due to a death in the family. Please keep them in your prayers.

Dr. Lee and I discussed convictions and paradigm shifts, which was loosely based on an article I wrote for Sunday. You can read that below.

Here is the podcast description and a link! Hope you enjoy.

In this episode Daniel Rogers returns to the podcast to discuss his faith journey, the paradigm shifts he experienced, and the challenges we face when going through the process of spiritual formation and re-formation. Eventually we all will face a concept that challenges our interpretation, and when that happens we have to decide how to proceed. Daniel and Lee have a conversation that discusses what that looks like, and we certainly hope that you’ll be blessed by it.

Dr. Lee Grant

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