About Daniel Rogers


Daniel Rogers is the husband of Laura Rogers and the father of Cayden. They currently reside in Arcadia, Florida where Daniel teaches three classes and preaches one sermon a week at the Hickory Street Church of Christ. All sermons and Bible classes are located on his YouTube page.

Early Years

Daniel, Laura, and Cayden Rogers, Winter 2020
Daniel, Laura, and Cayden (winter 2020)

Daniel’s love for talking about the Bible began at a young age through faithfully attending every Bible study, service, and gospel meeting (revival) offered at his home congregation in Piedmont, Alabama. Some summers, he would attend several weeks of Bible camp to study and learn more about God. In high school, Daniel’s home congregation began letting the young Christian men lead services on the fifth Sunday. This is where Daniel fell in love with preaching and the art of the sermon.

When he graduated high school, Daniel attended Auburn University until he became dissatisfied with his life. Laura, who is now Daniel’s partner, encouraged him to pursue his passion: preaching and teaching the Bible. So, at twenty years old, Daniel packed up his bags and moved to Birmingham, Alabama.

First Two Preaching Jobs

Daniel and Laura engaged! (winter 2014)

Daniel Rogers has held three different preaching positions in his eight years of ministry. He began preaching at the Argo in Cordova, AL. He also worked at Wal-Mart part-time and

attended community college. After two years, he tried out for the preaching job at his home congregation where he grew up. This job allowed him to study all day long since he did not have to work a second job.

While this was good for Daniel, the extra time studying meant that he began to rethink old positions he held at one time. After changing his mind on prophecy, his father and granddad asked him to resign from his preaching job. It was at this point that he made this blog to write articles, produce audio, and record videos on the fulfilled view of prophecy called preterism which goes by many names depending on who you ask: full preterism, covenant eschatology, realized eschatology, AD 70 theory, or hyper preterism.

First Book and Speaking Engagements

During this time, Daniel also published his first book through JaDon Management: The Last Enemy and the Triumph of Christ. It is a book outlining Daniel’s view of the of Adam and how that influences his position on prophecy. His book received some criticism, but it was well received overall by many in the preterist community. This book plus a speech Daniel delivered on Daniel 12 at the Memphis Eschatology Conference in the fall of 2016, led to him being asked to speak at the Preterist Pilgrim Weekend in July of 2017 which is an annual conference hosted by Dr. Don K. Preston who is the president of the Preterist Research Institute in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Since then, Daniel has delivered lectures at four different PPWs all of which can be found on YouTube.

New Opportunities in Florida

Daniel and Laura (2019)

In between working with a as a minister, Daniel worked for a promotional products company. It was during this time that he received an offer to move to Arcadia, FL to preach for the Hickory Street in January of 2018. The members of the Hickory share Daniel’s views on prophecy, so he fit right in. That summer, he wrote his second book which is a commentary on Paul’s letters to the at Thessalonica. It covers everything from the rapture to Hymenaeus and Philetus. It is available through Amazon as a paperback and through this website as a PDF and e-sword module.

Shortly after arriving in Arcadia in the Summer of 2018, Daniel began restudying and rethinking once more. Thanks to the influence of Dr. Dallas Burdette, Kevin Pendergrass, and O.B. Richardson, Daniel began really digging into some of the traditional views. Some of these included baptismal regeneration, instrumental music, and women’s roles in the Christian community. His reevaluation of these topics has led him to be more inclusive towards people of other backgrounds, and he considers anyone who has in Christ and loves their neighbor as themselves a fellow Christian. Before this change, however, he only considered members of the of Christ (notice the capital C) to be real Christians.

More Rethinking

Following these changes, Daniel began to read books from a variety of authors for one of the first times in his life. Specifically, he began looking into authors like Rob Bell, Peter Enns, Brian McLaren, and Richard Rohr. He also read after individuals such as Tom Holland, N.T. Wright, Peter Kreeft, and C.S. Lewis. Daniel believes reading from a wide range of views, and he isn’t afraid to be challenged by any position. These authors have helped shape his worldview and made him more conscience of the poor, the environment, and how Christians treat others.

Move to Alabama

Daniel, Laura, and Cayden Easter 2021
Easter 2021

In August of 2021, Daniel began working with the North Broad Church in Albertville, Alabama. There he serves as a co-minister with an emphasis on youth. His wife Laura secured a teaching job for a local school, and they are excited to be around family and old friends again, but already terribly miss their new friends in Florida.

This website serves as a time capsule which documents Daniel’s journey from Legalism to Freedom (a title of one of Dr. Dallas Burdette’s many books). It is a window into his ongoing pilgrimage towards a better understanding of himself, those around him, the world we live on, the Bible, and God. I hope you enjoy!

A Word From Daniel Rogers

Thank you so much for reading this “About Me.” I hope it gave you better insight into my background so that you can better appreciate (or steer clear from) my many articles and media that I have produced over the years. Join me on my ongoing journey by subscribing to the blog, following me on social media, and subscribing to YouTube. I’m sure we will disagree on things going forward, so I look forward to our many discussions as we all try to grow together. Thanks again for stopping by, and if you happen to come across something that inspires you, please feel free to share it with friends, family, or whomever. God bless.

— Daniel Rogers