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Whoops! If you missed the article that posted last night, click here: https://labornotinvain.com/2020/11/16/thoughts-on-resurrection-part-6-the-veil/ I didn’t mean to post it last night, but WordPress changed my option from schedule to publish after I made a change, so here we are! So, to keep up my daily streak of articles, here is... Read more

Thoughts on Resurrection Part 7: The Veil

So, hopefully you read my previous articles on this subject. If not, here they are: Thoughts on the Resurrection (Intro)Resurrection and RelationshipsResurrection and the Need to Be RightResurrection and Imputed RighteousnessResurrection and Sinless PerfectionThe Danger of Postponing the Resurrection The key idea is summed up in a quote from Thomas... Read more