Coronavirus and Daily Articles

Hello, all. I’ve been posting regularly the past few weeks, and I plan to continue to do so. Usually, I will try to write a few during my breaks throughout the day. With the shutdowns and restrictions on indoor dining, I’m not able to keep up with the schedule as... Read more

John Loves Sevens

The writer of John and Revelation had a love for sevens: seven I AM statements, seven witnesses, seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets, and on and on. Sometimes the sevens are numbered (such as the trumpets). Sometimes they are partially numbered (such as in the signs). Sometimes they are not... Read more

Weekly Update – March 6th

Good morning, everyone. After observing the website statistics over the past two weeks, I have decided to make one minor adjustment to my posting schedule: every other Saturday, I will he posting an in-depth article on eschatology (similar to the millennium article). I am not sure if I will start... Read more

Worship Under the Law

Worship under the Law (for this paper: Exodus-Malachi) can be broken up into two categories: planned and spontaneous. Miriam, a co-leader of Israel, worshiped with percussion instruments, singing, and dancing (Exodus 15:20-21). This form of worship was a typical response of women in a tribe after a military victory (Judges... Read more

Worship Before the Law

Prior to the giving of the Law (for our purposes we will use the book of Genesis only), the word worship is used four times in Genesis: Genesis 22:5; 24:26; 24:48; and 47:31. The worshipers in these passages are Abraham, Isaac, Abraham’s servant, and Israel. While Abraham and Isaac worshiped... Read more

Worship Defined

The word worship is most often a translation of the Greek word προσκυνέω. In the New Testament and the Septuagint, its most basic meaning is “to bow down or prostrate oneself.” It is most often used in the Book of Revelation, but the gospel accounts utilize the word quite a... Read more