Welcome to my time capsule.

Thanks for checking out my website. I began this about 5 years ago, and while I haven’t been consistent in uploading in the past, I’m trying to do better now. Regardless, this website documents my spiritual journey. I have only deleted one post off this entire site. That means that... Read more

Migrating to a New Website

Good afternoon everyone! I will be migrating to a new website over the next year: https://danielr.net. This website will be here throughout 2022 so that I can slowly move everything over. You should be getting an e-mail notification asking you to subscribe to the new site. I will continue to... Read more

Thoughts on Xmas from a Xian

In my town, a reporter published the headline “XMAS COMES EARLY.” This led to backlash from the community with some readers saying that the paper was attempting to “take Christ out of Christmas.” Following this misunderstanding, the proprietor of the paper published an opinion piece vowing to never take Christ... Read more