Thank You

I appreciate all of the kind comments and private messages I’ve received for these last 41 days of articles. I hope they’ve been helpful to you in some way.

I’ve had a couple people ask if they could contribute something to me for what I’ve been putting out.

I don’t have a link to my PayPal for private reasons, and I don’t expect anything of you, but if you wanted to contribute something to go towards books and things of that nature, you could do that through PayPal:

Again, I don’t expect you to send anything, but since several have asked, I thought I should put something up for those interested. Thank you again for all the support, disagreements, and prayers.

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  1. You wanted a comment, so her es one, I hope everyone went out and voted for Trump! and i just wanted to share some things i’ve been learning, I got a ROKU TV thousands of free networks, even the one Don and William are on. but i’ve been watching / Torah, Tom Bradford He’s dispensational,” As John A said eat the meat spit out the bones” but so much info about the law, and how the ancient world thought! Powerful info to not only understand the sacrificial system and how it dealt with all the sins, Crazy, i never new, but to be able to see how the dispensational view is more perfected and to be able to combat it in a debate, not for debate sake, but seeing the points He makes actually contradict, when He clearly sees the physical comes first, then the spiritual, Id love to explain evrry thing but I hate typing, just watch it. Ill give you a teaser, He proves that ADONI, gave them bits at a time, “Line upon line” They didn’t even know even after the Exodus that there was only one GOD! Here’s another, “Face to face” a Hebrew idiom can’t be translated in English, In Hebrew it means Your face to Adonis presence face to presence, so when Paul said.? Or when Torah said in Gen- “You shall not see my face”, No man will see my face and live” but the apparent contradiction “Moses talked with Adoni “Face to face” ? Now makes sense. Unwittingly He makes the pret- position confirmed and even more consistant.

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