Don’t Just Study Maps

A group of scientists wanted to get together to study Hawaii. They wanted to learn about the geography, wildlife, people, landscape, and plant life.

So, they all traveled to New York City. They all brought their best maps, books, and peer reviewed articles and journals on the subject. They even brought in experts on Hawaii to answer any question they have.

This is how many of us have approached religion. We study, we listen to podcasts, and we read articles like this one. But one of the best ways to learn more about the nature of God is to get out and love your neighbor as yourself, participate in creating something, engage with God’s creation, and fellowship with others believers in worship.

These scientists learned a lot of good information from their conference in New York, but they would learn a great deal more if they traveled to Hawaii, got dirt under fingers, and learn through experience.

Knowing your husband or wife is more than just being able to write a biography about them; it is a relationship. The same is true with God.

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