Review of Jason DeCosta’s “Were the ‘Gentiles’ of the NT Actually the Scattered Israel”

It’s been requested that I review Jason DeCosta’s view of the scriptures. His view is popularly called the Israel Only doctrine. As I watched a couple of his videos, I saw that one of the cornerstones of the doctrine is the definition of the word Gentiles. To him, the Gentile is not one of a heathen nation, but instead it is a descendant of Isaac. We will be taking on that point today. The notes mentioned in the video can be accessed below.



Apparently this is a touchier subject than I thought. Already two dislikes before the video was even processed – not that it matters anyways. It’s interesting that the subject is so polarizing.


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  1. THANKS FOR THIS INTERACTION. I listened to Jason DeCosta and than your rebuttal, the command I did not hear from you was we do have a law in a sense.LOVE GOD AND YOUR NEIGHBOR. SO EVERY GROUP HAS A LAW, and I know I sin in this area to be brought back from. Thanks I enjoy listening to you. I live in Anchorage, Alaska and would like to find a group of people here to get together with and discuss the Preterist view. I have checked different avenues and no-one seems to know anyone here or a church group. Please let me know if you know someone. I started this study (Preterism) 2 years ago and much more makes sense to me now from reading scriptures that I had a hard time with some of the teaching I was hearing and questioned it. God lead me to this belief through Steve Greggs teachings. There are areas I would like more teaching on so I can muddle through it myself with the Lord.
    God Bless You and Your Family

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