Daniel Rogers #4 Thoughts on the Hester-Preston Debate

This video has given me so much trouble! I’ve been wrestling with trying to get it uploaded all morning. At some point, I lost the audio, so you’re getting the original version instead of the optimized version.
In June 2017, Dr. David Hester and Dr. Don Preston had a formal debate on the subject of the resurrection of the just and the unjust. Overall, the debate was a success in terms of character. Dr. Hester’s first speech, in my estimation, was filled with unproved assertions that were based upon traditions instead of any exegesis whatsoever. In Dr. Preston’s first affirmative, he desired to show from the scriptures and from Dr. Hester’s own admissions, that the death that Adam died IN THE DAY that he ate the fruit was spiritual and not physical. A full “play-by-play” commentary will be made live on Facebook on the page Labor Not in Vain next week.

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