Daniel Rogers #3 The Hour that is Coming

John 5:28-29 is a common proof text that people use to “prove” a future-to-us, physical resurrection; however, when the context is carefully examined, it is indisputable that “the hour” that was coming is related to the ability to worship God in Jerusalem in the temple.

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  1. Enjoy and appreciate your messages and involvement on Morning Musings….keep up the sterling work ! If you’d allow me to indulge myself for a moment, I would like to comment on some passages in Daniel that I’ve never heard addressed or referred to by any “stripe” of hermeneutic. The topic is Daniel 2:33/34/35/41/42/43/45 and references the “clay component” of the IRON kingdom which we know as ancient Rome. Nine (9) times “clay” is mentioned in direct association as being mixed (ARAB: commingle-close association-occupy-meddle-be agreeable), but definitely NOT part of the natural component of IRON (vs.43). I suggest that ” clay” ingredient is actually Israel, who historically bonded itself to the affairs of the Roman Empire and held a significant influence both in Judea and Rome itself including Caesars’ own household. The clay becomes that “little horn” of Chapter 7……. we should note that the “stone” of 2:34 strikes the image on the feet (same location as the clay) and just how “fitting” this mighty spiritual impact becomes evident when we consider 12:7 ….. the power of the holy people being shattered. We know the fourth kingdom itself lasted until the 5th century, but the clay was forever removed. Just as a follow up study, we should consider the “feet” aspect. Feet play an important part in scripture: Moses feet on Mt.Sinai had to have sandals removed due to the Holy Presence of Jehovah / Jesus feet on the Mount of Olives / Jesus washing the disciples feet……always appears to entail importance/direction…..in Daniel 2:34, that importance would signify the shadow of Israels future destiny, being one of total destruction. Anyhow, thank you for the privilege of sharing a small part of my personal study with you. Wishing / praying a Divine Anointing upon your ministry as you and your wife continue to flow in our Lords’ wonderful love.

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