Romans 8: Commentary and Essays on the New Creation

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Review by Dr. Dallas Burdette

Daniel Rogers is one of the most insightful writers today in the field of biblical
studies. This particular study of Romans 8 is a commentary on the New Creation, which
study is the climax of Romans 5 through 8. His approach provides a greater
understanding of God’s New Creation “in” and “through” Jesus. His exegetical skills
permeate this in-depth study of Romans 8. He employs the common-sense approach in
his analysis of the implications of “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those
who are in Christ Jesus” (8:1). I recommend that this treatise be read with a desire to
understand the Word of God more clearly.
He sets forth a fresh and liberating interpretation of various passages of Scripture
that have long been abused by countless sincere and devout, but unenlightened
followers of Christ. He seeks to bring new light to bear on how to hear afresh familiar
Scriptures in order to appropriate the truths of God’s Word in such a way that it will
bring liberation for those in bondage to legalism and fear of their standing before God.
In this study, he promotes contextual, as well as common-sense, interpretation as the
means of allowing Paul to speak on his own terms as he sets forth the very heart of
God’s Gospel. I found this essay building and emancipating.

Table of Contents



Romans 8:1-4.
Romans 8:5-8
Romans 8:9-11
Romans 8:12-17
Romans 8:18-21
Romans 8:22-25
Romans 8:26-27
Romans 8:28-30
Romans 8:31-35
Romans 8:36-39


Essay 1: Jesus the Son of David According to the
Essay 2: The Gospel and the End of the Age
Essay 3: The Two Shall Become One


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