Back in Action and a Quick Update

Hello everyone,

I’ve missed interacting with you all over the last few weeks on Facebook, YouTube, and my blog. When Laura got out of school for the Summer, we flew up to Alabama to spend time with family and friends. Cayden had a blast, and we can’t wait to visit again… after several months of catching up on sleep!

When we got home late Saturday after a delayed flight, I had already begun to cough, have a runny nose, and a slightly sore throat, but I didn’t really think anything of it. Anytime in Alabama typically reignites my allergies for a few days. Sunday morning, however, was a different story. Both Cayden and I felt awful, so I wasn’t able to go live on Sunday.

Last week and throughout the first part of this week, I’ve received numerous messages and e-mails from some of you who were concerned about my lack of online presence. Don’t worry! We are back in action as of today. I’ll be going live tonight at 6:30 PM EDT for our Wednesday study on YouTube.

Some of you have also asked about the missing donations button. If you wish to support what I do here, feel free to use the PayPal button below. For alternative forms of support, shoot me an e-mail.

Thanks for the prayers and concern!

Daniel Rogers

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