Why I Don’t Talk as Much About Preterism

Good morning, everyone. I want to talk about something that is important to me: why I don’t talk as much about preterism as I used to. When I first started my blog, I wrote and did videos on prophecy just about everyday. If I wasn’t writing or doing videos, I was reading, studying, and talking on the phone about eschatology.

What changed for me wasn’t a lack of interest in prophecy. The subject still excites me, and, if I allow myself, I can get lost in it for weeks at a time. The problem is I have a responsibility as a minister for a congregation to be well rounded. There are many areas that need to be explored in order for a congregation and the Christians within it to prosper.

Right now, I teach three, forty-five minute classes and preach one sermon a week. Imagine if I only talked about eschatology! People would go crazy. Others who have different roles, such as Don Preston, are able to focus their attention on prophecy, but I have to be more widespread in my teaching for the sake of my ministry.

I’ve adopted the philosophy that I am a preacher who happens to be a preterist, not a preterist who happens to be a preacher.

So, lately, I’ve been writing more and more on popular Church of Christ issues because there are hundreds and thousands of people who have become dissatisfied with the answers they were given growing up, and as someone who has left behind much of that tradition, I feel qualified to provide them with the answers (and questions) that have helped me most.

I may not always write about the Olivet Discourse or the Book of Revelation, but be sure that preterism touches most everything I write on in some way, even if it is just how I approach the Bible. So, if you see an article on worship, you can know that my understanding of prophecy has influenced it. You might even pick up on more than the average reader who hasn’t been exposed to these sorts of things.

Hopefully that makes sense to you. Thank you for sticking around, commenting, and leaving likes on the articles from time to time. Have a wonderful day!

3 Replies to “Why I Don’t Talk as Much About Preterism

  1. As a pulpit minister, one has the responsibility to teach many things that will strengthen and encourage God’s people. The biblical teaching, for example, on grace is frequently shunned. How are we put in a right relationship with God. What is the nature or purpose of the Church, that is to say, the community of the redeemed? Hopefully, I will write numerous sermons this year which will be, Lord willing, added to my website: freedominchrist.net. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Daniel Rogers who is willing to take the time to add my sermons to this site. I will gear my sermons to promote spiritual strength and unity among God’s people for those who desire to understand God’s written Revelation more clearly.

  2. I appreciate your article. Essentially I have come to have a preterist understanding of things. My problem has been, and still is, that a number of preterists appear to be attempting to build a party around such views. That is wrong.

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