DAY 2: Genesis 11-22

Day 2, February 16th: Genesis 11-22

Chapter 11

The people who attempted to construct the Tower of Babel did so to make their name great. Compare this to God’s promise to Abraham in chapter 12.

One lesson that can be drawn from chapter 11 is this: when people trust in their own righteousness, they often begin to divide over nationality, language, etc. Only when we trust in imputed righteousness will we be able to say, “There is no Jew or Gentile, Bond or Free, Male or Female.”

Chapter 12

What all was Abraham promised? Who would benefit from the promises?

Chapter 13

Notice that Abraham and Lot’s wealth brought about fighting among their servants. What lesson might be drawn from this?

What direction does Lot travel?

Chapter 14

Who was Melchizedek? How much does Abraham give him?

Chapter 15

What does it mean for righteousness to be credited? How does that fit in with the major stories of Genesis so far? Where is this passage quoted in the New Testament?

God used a typical ceremony of the day to establish the covenant. God meets His people where they are. The New Testament talks about all kinds of cultural things, such as head coverings for women and the holy kiss.

Chapter 16

How do you fell about the relationship between Hagar and Sarah?

Take a few moments to respond to the mercy God shows her.

Chapter 17

What does Abraham do in chapter 17 that Sarah is criticized for in chapter 18?

Chapter 18

Who are the three visitors?

How many measures of flour does Sarah take? Does anyone else in the Bible take three measures of flower?

Count how many times the text says Abraham, or one of his servants, moved quickly.

Chapter 19

Do a word study on Sodom. What were all her sins?

Do you notice a pattern of God hearing those who cry out? If you want to, track it!

Chapter 20

Respond to Abraham’s repeat offense.

Chapter 21

Isaac was born right on time. When God gives a timeline, He sticks with it.

Respond to Sarah’s treatment of Hagar and God’s compassion towards her.

Chapter 22

Why did God have Abraham offer Isaac?

Point out as many similarities between Isaac and Jesus as you can find.

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