New Book: How to Study the Bible

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How to Study the Bible: A One Hour Introduction for Beginners is an introduction to studying God’s word. There are no fancy terms or complicated language. This book approaches Bible Study through a commonsense approach.

“Daniel Roger’s book on How to Study the Bible is a classic common-sense approach on how to read the Scriptures more accurately. There are many useful books on how to read the Bible, which books are sometimes extremely technical. Yet, Daniel has been able to capture the heart of a commonsensical style that captures the essence of how to study without a lot of technical jargon. He calls attention to our inherited interpretations handed down to us from our forefathers. Yet in his common-sense approach, he cautions his readers to view the whole (the book itself) versus the particular (isolated text) before one accepts or rejects a particular interpretation without consideration of the whole. His concern in this book is to alert the student to the danger of not weighing an isolated text in light of the whole. In other words, it is not uncommon for interpreters to impose their own conceptual grids on a text without due reflection. Our interpretation should always remain the object of suspicion and of critical evaluation. Throughout his study, he calls attention to numerous sources for one to utilize in order to avoid common mistakes of reading and interpreting a specific text. Just a perusal of this book exhibits the COMMON-SENSE APPROACH ON HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE.”

— Dr. Dallas Burdette

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