Pigs and Pearls (Jan 10-16, 2021)

Hello, everyone. I’m going to be posting a weekly review and sermon preview article. The sermon preview will be shorter than the usual posts to this site, so I’ll be including links to this week’s posts and videos.

Pearls and Pigs

In Matthew 6, Jesus’ primary message is to not worry. He doesn’t want us to take on extra responsibilities that He takes care of for us. We are to entrust ourselves fully to Him. It is within this context that Jesus tells His audience not to judge. Not only are we supposed to entrust ourselves fully to God, we are also to entrust others to God. Judging can be a way of distracting ourselves from our problems by focusing on others. When trying to “help” others, we may end up trying to control or manipulate them. This can come through being judgmental, but it can also occur when we give gifts, compliments, or favors to win them over. Jesus’ comment about pearls and pigs teaches us not to change people through bribery. Instead, fully entrust them to God, and when you do good things for them, make sure there is no hidden agenda.

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