Baptism Article and a Quick Update

Hello, everyone!

Thank you so much for subscribing to the blog. I hope you have enjoyed the recent posts on . If you have any questions, put them into the comments or e-mail me, and I will take a few days to answer any questions next week.

The past seven days have been super busy for me! I had a friend come and visit, and now my Mother-in- and her best friend is down to see Cayden for Christmas. So, I sat down last Monday and typed the majority of the articles you have read. I had to write a few more, but I was able to do that over the course of a few days instead of daily like I normally do. So, we've been having a blast down here in Florida, and we have a few more days of fun before things return back to normal.

I recorded the podcast for this week last Monday as well, and it will be posting on Wednesday, so, for now, here are the last seven articles in one document for your convenience (there is a button to download the article at the bottom of the viewer below):


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