New Podcast: “That’s It?” Part 2 | The Narrative

The question, “That’s it?” or “If everything has been fulfilled, why is there still death, decay, sorrow, etc.” stems from an understanding of what a lot of people call “The Narrative.” “The Narrative” is basically a way of saying “the story of the Bible.” That is, it is looking at the Bible as a whole and asking these questions in every section of biblical history: where were we, where are we, and where are we going?

So, for example, if we look at Abraham, we could ask these questions:

  1. Where were we? Or. how do the previous eleven chapters set the stage for the chapters about Abraham?
  2. Where are we? How does Abraham contribute to the story?
  3. Where are we going? How does Abraham move the story along and in what ways will those who come after Abraham build upon his contribution to The Narrative of Scripture?

The question, “That’s it?” comes from one’s idea of what The Narrative of Scripture is. If they believe The Narrative includes physical death being taken away, the earth being destroyed or purified, or whatever, then fulfilled prophecy can seem kind of… dull… because the things they care about haven’t been accomplished in the way they expected. This affects how they view the first part of the Bible, the middle part, the end, and what is left for us in the future.

For some preterists, the questions where were we, where are we, and where are we going are limited to where were we with a possibility of where are we, but some don’t even go that far. In my experience, the reason why so many are afraid of preterism is, what they see to be, incomplete or bad answers to the last two questions: where are we and where are we going?

Because when one looks at all of the trouble in the world, the very obvious question is, “Is this the best God can do?”

I believe, and as I’m going to try and show, that even though the word preterism comes from a word meaning past, there are very compelling answers for those two questions. So, the first few episodes of my podcast are going to be focused on The Narrative of Scripture to show how a view of fulfilled prophecy honors The Narrative and, from my perspective, enriches it while providing answers to the questions concerning us and our future.

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