The End of History Illusion

The end of history illusion is a psychological illusion in which you can see a lot of growth in your past but can’t see yourself growing much in the future.

Ironically, many Preterists experience this fascinating phenomenon. When someone changes something huge (like their eschatology) it can make it seem like there is nothing else they could possibly learn, as if there is nowhere they could go from here.

I’m guilty of this.

Now we have the truth…”

As if there was nothing else to learn.

But just like you learn more and more about your spouse or friend as time goes by, God can be infinitely known. If not, then what you have in your little, tiny box isn’t God.

But, if we close ourself off from the possibility of growth by telling ourselves over and over that change isn’t possible, then, well, change isn’t possible. The end of history illusion becomes the end of history reality.

However, if we live in a constant state of wonder when thinking or talking about God, there is always room for growth. If we are open in heart and mind in deed, not just word, then we will be open to receiving truth regardless of the source.

What would have happened if, when Jesus told His disciples to follow Him, they dropped their nets, walked to where He was standing, and never moved from that spot? That’s how many Christians are. They walk to one spot, set up camp, and never move.

And there is safety in that.

But Jesus called His disciples to follow Him. That meant leaving behind their friends, parents, community, nets, whatever and following Jesus all around the region as He preached, healed, and served.

We too must follow Jesus and go where He leads regardless of where His footsteps takes us. It feels more risky than staying planted in what you know, but as long as we continue to love our neighbor as Christ loves us, we can be sure that we are on the right path.

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