Violence and Bible Discussions

Returning violence for violence creates more violence. When we are engaged in a Bible study with someone and they are rude or ugly to us, the way to combat that is NOT to return the insults.

This type of eye for an eye mentality only serves to hurt your case. Those that are attracted to that “style” (which isn’t a legitimate style endorsed by Jesus) are those who participate in the same sort of vicious, senseless attacks.

Name calling, poisoning the well, and other forms of vitriol have no place in any discussion, especially in discussion concerning the infinite loving Savior.

Being nasty isn’t a style; it just invalidates any truth you may accidentally spew during the attacks.

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  1. I thought i would share this, if you have a ROKU TV u could watch, Thora class, eat the meat spit out the bones, its through the filter of dispensationalism, but you can learn some things, Chapter 6 about nature and time, detentions the sages believed in, interesting coincide with modern Physics. and the origin of sin, both man AND CEATION was made with THE GOOD AND EVIL Inclination and the ability to choose, oops Ward Fenley and Calvin Augustine! Chapter 11 more about what Hebrews really thought of covenant, Again, eat the meat spit out the bones!

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