Weekly Update – February 26th, 2020

Hello everyone, and thanks for following my blog. Every Friday, I plan on giving a short update like this one on how life is going and what my plans are for the church and this website.


Seven weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our firstborn Cayden Wesley Rogers. He is an amazing little boy with a great personality. He rolled over in his second week and we expect him to be walking by next week (ok, maybe not, but boy is he strong!) I love him more than anything in the world, and I am excited to watch him grow up. The birth went well, but the following days were tough. Mommy couldn’t go home because of her blood pressure at first. We were in the hospital for 5 days before we were released. Then, the following week, she had to go back to the hospital for an additional 3 days. Thankfully, the blood pressure issues have gone away and things are going well.

As for me, I had to return to work as a copier salesman. I am four months into the job, and I can tell that it is something that I will enjoy. At the same time, however, I miss being able to post articles and make videos like I could when I did not have to work a secular job, so I have committed to try and produce quality content regularly again. I’ll talk more about that below.


Currently at the Hickory Street Church of Christ (http://christiansinarcadia.org) we have three classes and one sermon. The classes are on Ecclesiastes, Minor Prophets, and Revelation. We are in chapter five of Ecclesiastes, so we sill have several months to go in that book, but in the Minor Prophets we are halfway through Zechariah and in the last two chapters of Revelation. So, I am taking requests for books or sections of the Bible that you are genuinely interested in me covering. The following are off the list because they have already been done recently: the gospels, Leviticus, minor prophets, Revelation, Esther, Ruth, Genesis, Exodus, Judges, and Daniel. Most of these classes (sometimes something goes wrong with the recording) are posted on my YouTube channel. You can access that through the link to the church’s website above.

Labor Not in Vain

As you have noticed, I have been posting more articles lately. Most of these were either published during my lunch break or were set on a schedule. Right now, I have several articles to post daily at 7:30 AM Eastern Time. I have other plans as well, but I will announce those in a future blog.

I hope you have enjoyed the articles. Expect more to come. Have a blessed weekend!

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