2 Replies to “The Water, The Wind, and The Creation

  1. I haven’t really had much time to follow your podcast but the title of this one really caught my eye and wow, you really delivered. The connection to John 3:5 was excellent.

    It doesn’t convince me that a modern day believer should be water baptized because in this generation all of the shadows and types have been replaced with their fulfillment in Christ. Literal water and wind were prominent in the types and shadows but in the fulfillment the water and wind represent the operation of God to close off the path back and to produce newness of life.

    However, I’ve wrong before so I have to always be open minded. “Just because you are confident that you are right doesn’t mean you are right”.

    1. Thanks Bill! I wasn’t really worried about the baptism of a believer in this day as I mentioned, but I will be talking about that next week.

      Thanks for tuning in! I’m glad to hear that you got something from it!

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