2.4 The Afterlife: I Can Go to Him

David was confident that he could “go” to his deceased son. Paul knew that he could “depart” to be with Christ. John promised that those who die in the Lord would be “blessed.” These texts, among others, teach us that there is a pleasant place for the innocent – whether you are a child who has no sin or one who has had their sins washed away by the blood of Christ. Tomorrow, we will see that this place is called “Heaven.”



2 Replies to “2.4 The Afterlife: I Can Go to Him

  1. Will believers “experience” a bodily resurrection when they die and go to be with Jesus?
    At His ascension, did Jesus to to Heaven in His resurrected body?

    1. The quick answer to the first question is no. The body stays in the ground while the soul goes to God. A Christian’s resurrection is one out of sin death that takes place at their conversion. Jesus’ post-resurrection body bore the same scars that He went to the grave in. This physical resurrection pointed to the tearing down and raising again of the temple that He represented as the corporate head (see John 2).

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