1.2 Unity: A Proposed Solution (CENI) [2/5]

When it comes to unity, many solutions have been proposed. One of those solutions is a system of establishing authority called CENI- command, example, and necessary inference. While this solution is appealing, it relies on man’s own ability to draw inferences from a particular text. One’s necessary inferences will not always match up to another’s necessary inferences.

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  1. I hear you. Any formula for establishing authority in the churches, CENI or otherwise is a tricky business. One man’s necessary inference is another man’s overreach of power. At the founding of the Republic, Franklin thought that inalienable rights could simply be “self-evident”, but Jefferson realized that they had better be “endowed by our creator”. The consensus of church authority prolly has to be extended over multiple congregations and multiple generations, in organic continuity, for the local congregation to be safely in God’s will. That continuity must be regarded as part of the living Body of Christ.
    Two other things: nice tie; and I’m gonna support your work a bit, sooner rather than later. Keep it classy 🙂

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