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  1. Daniel,
    A very productive exegesis, thank you.
    You may already have addressed it elsewhere (I have not yet attended your whole online corpus) but the first century conflict between the rabbinic schools, “the House of Shammai” and the “House of Hillel” may be useful in your overall approach. The preponderate power in the Sanhedrin shifts around Jesus’ 12/13th year, and the more legalistic House of Shammai more explicitly outlawed the association of Jew and Gentile (of which you make reference here) specifically in relationship to the Roman threat over Jerusalem. The House of Hillel, by contrast, emphasized the Torah Commandment of the love of God and neighbor, and its chief exponent, Yohanon, escaped Jerusalem in an almost death/resurrection scenario just before Titus destroyed the City. He led the Jamnia revival of a non-Temple Judaism, that was ultimately only partly successful in the re-establishment of a non-national Jewish diaspora. a sideline advantage of parsing Judaism along these lines may be an avoidance of the anti-Judaism allegation often hurled at Christians generally, and preterists, in particular.

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