Personal Update (1/20/17)

I’ve had a pretty busy week, but I wanted to try and finish up my article on the millineum. 

Unfortunately, when I sat down this afternoon to do some work on my computer, I found out that my power supply unit on my computer was toast! So, I’m borrowing a spare that my friend has tomorrow. 
Best case scenario: I can have my computer working tomorrow 
Other possible scenario: his power supply doesn’t do what I need it to do, so I have to order a new one. 
Worst case scenario: I need to replace more than my power supply – which will not be possible until I can save up some extra money. 
I will say that I’m fairly confident that my power supply is the issue. The last week it has been cutting off as soon as I would cut it on, making strange noises, and behaving… differently. Based off of what I know, and what I can read online, it is a problem with the power supply. 
So here’s to hoping that I can be back on track tomorrow! 

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