A Spiritual Feast

This past week the Piedmont church of Christ has been truly blessed by the opportunity to sit at the feet of a fantastic Christian, scholar, and preacher – Brother Phil Sanders (the host of “In Search of the Lord’s Way“). Our Gospel Meeting [gospel = “good news about Jesus”/ meeting = “a several night event where people gather to hear a preacher”] was fantastic and we had great attendance and support from the community as well as sister congregations.

On Sunday morning, Brother Phil gave excellent lessons to encourage the church to spread the news and invite friends to hear to word of God proclaimed. Sunday night we learned, in a very visual lesson, that we will have to answer for the decisions that we make in our lives, and we are all in one of six categories – three good and three bad. Monday evening we had another inspiring lesson that demonstrated how God wants our hearts. On Tuesday, we heard a wonderful lesson about the importance and necessity of becoming a Christian. Finally, on Wednesday, after a week of fantastic food, Brother Phil summed up the week by showing how we all face judgement; those faithful to God will enjoy the blessings of eternal life, but those unfaithful must be punished for their unwillingness to seek Him.

We are so thankful for everyone who attended, for the members who worked hard to prepare the building and grounds, and the ladies and gentlemen that fixed some wonderful food. 
Personally, this was a great week for me to grow as a preacher because of the opportunity to sit at the feet of someone who has a lot experience with connecting with a international audience. I greatly appreciate what my Brother shared with me, and I look forward to the, hopefully, many years of friendship and fellowship we will have on this side of life. 

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