In Mt 24 how many questions were the disciples asking? Were they asking about only Jerusalem, or were they also asking about the end of the world?

In Mt 24 the disciple were marveling at the beauty of the temple, and Jesus told them in no uncertain terms that it would fall: not one stone would be left upon another. Many believe that they proceed to ask about the end of the world, but this is simply not the case. The word used here for “world” is aiwnos, from which we get our word “eon,” and is better translated “age.” Thus they didn’t think the fall of the temple would end the world, but they knew it would end the age in which they were living, that is the Mosaic age. They equated the fall of the temple with the Parousia and end (consummation) of the age, and Jesus confirmed that equation by spending the rest of the chapter answering their questions of when this would happen, and what the signs would be.

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