August 13, 2017

The Second Exodus: The Cross of Christ

Passage: Luke 9:31
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Jesus' own death, burial, and resurrection set the stage for the entire New Exodus. He died to the world below, He overcame hades, and then He became the first to rise into the heavenly places. It is through Him and in Him that Israel would escape the bondage and corruption that was in the world and enter into the promised land: the kingdom of Heaven.

We too are able to enjoy the riches of God's grace through seeking refuge in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2 Replies to “The Second Exodus: The Cross of Christ

  1. Did Acts 15 really conclude that gentiles shouldn’t be circumcised? Paul circumcised Timothy at the councils end. How do you rationalize this with Galatians?

    1. Dear brother I think that Paul made a mistake when he circumcised Timothy. Perhaps he believed that by doing Timothy’s circumcision he will avoid additional persecution from the Jewish leaders. This I said because James, the brother of the Lord recommended to Paul that by doing so he will eliminate any scandal and hard feeling from the Jewish leaders about his fidelity of the Jewish tradition. Any way Paul was persecuted all way long after covering Timothy with the ritual. And it was contradictory of what Paul was teaching about the freedom under Christ. The other possibility, and by far no certain, is that Paul was in a dualism about the subject.

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