April 30, 2017

The Resurrection: The Messianic Banquet (Part 5)

Passage: Isaiah 25:6
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One of the most fascinating things about the Bible – specifically in this case about eschatology – is that there are many themes and motifs that are discussed throughout scripture. As humans, we all have particular ways in which we like to learn, so the God of Heaven has provided us with many lenses to look at the story of redemption through in order that we can better understand its meaning and message. The theme that we will discuss today is that of the Messianic Banquet – also called the Messianic Feast, Marriage Supper of the Lamb, or the Resurrection Banquet. Some may object to some of these terms because they are not expressly stated in the Bible, but I do believe that it is a biblical term in the same way that plan of salvation or eschatology are biblical terms. The term Messianic Prophecy is a category of prophecies regarding the life, work, and message of the Messiah. The term Messianic Banquet is a reference to the spiritual feast that would be held at the consummation of the Messiah’s work in vindicating His people and making manifest the kingdom of Heaven.

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