6 Replies to “Review of GBN’s “AD70 Doctrine” Broadcast [Part 3]

  1. I see now that this has progressed to the 3rd review,intentions of these men has become clear.The won’t address certain scriptures(which is intentional)add to that the untrue claims that they make,concerning what Preterists believe.There weak point is,or Achilles heal as some call it is,being forced to give an answer to scriptures that show that the time was at hand,to come shortly,at the door,some standing here,etc.Force them to address these scriptures,don”t allow them to change the subject,and their false doctrine deteriorates.Also remember,they are salesmen,they intent is to sell what they learned to anyone who will follow them,as long as those who follow don’t question their authority,(which by the way is a self proclaimed fact,being they have a certificate of some sort which is proof of it)however,those who may point errors in their doctrine,are to be shunned,and I’m being polite in using that word as a description of their reaction.


  2. I realize my comments sound somewhat harsh,but being pacifistic in dealing with people in these positions,only opens the door for them to look upon you as one who needs their guidance/instruction.Testing the spirits is the approach that is necessary,and being a Preterist is not even necessary.I am aware of several other subjects outside of Preterism that exposes faults in their doctrine.

  3. “John lived after AD70,and good evidence of that is because he wrote the book of Revelation around AD95″ ??????????What evidence?The only evidence that has ever been given is from Eusebius,and here is the”evidence”……Irenæus, in the fifth book of his work Against Heresies, where he discusses the number of the name of Antichrist which is given in the so-called Apocalypse of John, speaks as follows concerning him:

    “If it were necessary for his name to be proclaimed openly at the present time, it would have been declared by him who saw the revelation. For it was seen not long ago, but almost in our own generation, at the end of the reign of Domitian.,,,,,,,,,What was seen?Who saw it?When was”not long ago”?That is where the evidence of the dating of Revelation originates.As can be seen,this is scarcely any kind of credible proof.I suggest reading the book,Re-dating The New Testament,by A.T. Robinson,which provides more in depth information.

  4. The books of John were not written after AD70,and that is a well established fact,which beyond even worth having a discussion about!

  5. Daniel I really loved and appreciated how you have done on this serious. You have done an awesome job and your teachings.. Please keep it up… it has done me well…

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