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  1. Daniel,

    I enjoy your reviews of the GBN broadcasts.I think you do a good at covering the subjects being discussed.I would like to offer you some of my thoughts on this subject.First let me give you an idea of who I am,my background.I have attended different Churches of Christ over the past 60+ years,although I havn’t attended them consistently.My journey started with my mothers influence,while she tutored me about the different religions,she also had me with her while she was a member of the Christ of Christ.We visited/attended several different congregations,thru the years.Along the way,we studied the Bible consistently,even had our own study group for a short time.Now combining this with my experiences when I became an adult,gives me some insight to theses churches.I have as an adult attended a dozen or so Churches of Christ.My observations concerning these preachers/ministers that I see you and other Preterists debating and commenting on their opinion of Preterism only verifies my opinion of these”brethern”.I can tell you that they do not have any interest whatsoever in learning the truth,as Don Preston attempts to show them.I say this because I believe this church has actually developed into a “cultist” religion over the years.By cultist I mean they have developed a tradition within the Churches of Christ,which I have noticed from attending them in California and North Carolina.Here we see can the same attitude from David Hester,and the two other ministers .I believe their view of Preterists is not any different than their view of other religions,therefore Preterists are to be looked upon as pseudo believers,inspite of what they may say publicly.

    In Christ,Rich

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