The Land Promises: Introduction

The land promises in the Old Testament have given many Bible students trouble over the years. Many cannot help but to see some future physical fulfillment to these promises; however, the New Testament writers say that the fulfillment of these promises were shortly to be realized and were not of... Read more

Daniel Rogers #9 I’ll Never Die

Since Babylon – that is, Old Covenant Jerusalem (Revelation 11:8) – has fallen, we are able to have full confidence in our eternal life. Hades has been destroyed, and those who die in the Lord receive a greater blessing. In fact, though we may die physically, we will never die... Read more


Upcoming Events What an exciting year it has been so far! This year I’ve had the opportunity to meet and study with Sam Dawson and Dr. Dallas Burdette, attend two debates, fill in for Dr. Don Preston on morning musings, start a podcast entitled Face to Face, and next week... Read more

Daniel Rogers #8: Born of Above Under the Old Covenant children were born into the Covenant without any personal choice. Their parents decided to circumcise them on the eight day, and it was up to the parents to teach them and train them in the ways of the Old Covenant. Under the New Covenant, no... Read more