Exciting Announcement

Hello everyone! Sorry for my recent absence! As some of you know, I have been spending some time in Arcadia, Florida at the Hickory Street church of Christ to see if it would be a good fit for Laura and I. After spending time with the members there and praying... Read more

4.1 Galatians 4: Flesh vs Spirit [1/4]

Galatians 4 is a key text in discussing the transitional period of time between the cross and the fall of Jerusalem. It gives us insight into the eschatology of Paul, and it assists us in interpreting texts which utilize the terms flesh and spirit in a covenant context. http://www.labornotinvain.com via... Read more

2.4 The Afterlife: I Can Go to Him

David was confident that he could “go” to his deceased son. Paul knew that he could “depart” to be with Christ. John promised that those who die in the Lord would be “blessed.” These texts, among others, teach us that there is a pleasant place for the innocent – whether... Read more