"Those Silly Apostles"

I’ve made the accusation and others have as well: “Those silly apostles! They were so confused!” But were they really?  Is it always fair to make that statement? Granted, there were times when the apostles didn’t quite grasp what was going on. Let’s notice a few examples. “From that time... Read more

I Will Never Die!

Hope. Hope is one of the key elements to living a healthy life. If one does not have hope, then life can often seem pointless and dreadful. However, there is one thing that is more powerful than hope, and that is knowledge. I KNOW that I will never die. “These... Read more

A Spiritual Feast

This past week the Piedmont church of Christ has been truly blessed by the opportunity to sit at the feet of a fantastic Christian, scholar, and preacher – Brother Phil Sanders (the host of “In Search of the Lord’s Way“). Our Gospel Meeting [gospel = “good news about Jesus”/ meeting... Read more

Are You a Jew?

If I were to ask this question to you I would expect several different answers. “How can anyone be called a Jew when the records and genealogies were destroyed?” “No! I’m a Christian.” “I’m a Gentile – not a Jew.” “In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek – Galatians... Read more