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Reviews from Popular Preterist Teachers and Authors

"Rogers provides insight, intelligence, a sensitivity to context, along with sound logic to give the reader assurance that what they are reading is an accurate assessment of the message of Thessalonians. I am more than happy to recommend this book."

- Dr. Don K. Preston (bibleprophecy.com) on Daniel Roger's Commentary on Thessalonians

"Daniel Rogers is one of the most insightful writers today within the Stone/ Campbell Movement. This particular study surrounding First and Second Thessalonians is one of the most stimulating, concise, and abridged studies yet to be published in this area."

- Dr. Dallas Burdette (freedominchrist.net)

Simple Preterist Teaching

Daniel Rogers writes for the everyday Christian. His "common sense" approach to the Bible and to teaching is accessible by all. Although Daniel is a preterist, he tries to keep a balance of articles and teachings that will be beneficial to a wide audience.

Regardless if you agree or disagree with the preterist position, you will leave this blog with a better overall understanding of it and, hopefully, the Bible in general. One of Daniel's main goals in all of his writings and teachings is to teach others how to read the Bible.

Daniel also has a YouTube channel and another website called The Future of Preterism. It is a website dedicated to answering the question "That's it?" If you haven't subscribed already, be sure to do so before you click the button below! Don't miss another article, essay, or podcast!


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