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  1. 1. happy new years
    2. happy birthday (lol 16th?)
    3. prayers for your health
    4. especially prayers about a new ministry position
    5. you’re line of analysis is great, and btw, faithfully reformational: i.e. you choose the didactic analysis over the metaphysical every time…
    6. but 1 Peter 3 ff is forced a bit, however, into a your moralizing frame. Noah’s immediate family is not a plausible locus of his evangelical ministry, but rather his patriarchal authority. Jesus, visiting the dead in Sheol, hazing “hell”, and proclaiming his Resurrection, seems more to the point. Recall, Jerusalem (and its Temple) was portal to the underworld, and Adam’s bones were thought to be under Zion’s Mound. Noah’s non-survivors are likewise to be found there by the Risen Lord.
    7. The 70 AD destruction of the Temple reveals to the faithful Christians that Jesus has visited the Sheol-bound dead and provided a new sacrifice, in his blood, for their liberation, in his Body.
    Well, these ideas are generative of zeal, joy and hope. Keep up your search. At this level, even emergencies of interpretation are fruitful!

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