Unity: It Starts With YOU

  When it comes to finding unity within the church, most place the blame for nonexistent unity on the outsiders. They expect them to exert the effort to establish unity. Paul, however, had a different idea: it is on YOU as an individual to be in fellowship with your fellow... Read more

The Second Exodus: Hebrews

We will now begin examining several books of the Bible to see how the authors used the Second Exodus as the backdrop for their writings. The first one we will look at is Hebrews. If we recognize the New Exodus theme in Hebrews, then some of the passages tnat may... Read more

Attitude Over Eschatology

Folks, if you have a bad attitude, it doesn’t matter what your eschatology is. Name calling, doubting sincerity and integrity with zero actual evidence, and being rude have no place in discussions about the Bible. If you allow the love of Christ to be seen in your life, then the... Read more