New Article and End of the Fundraiser

Thank you all for your contributions to Laura and I as we transition to Florida. I meant to make this post yesterday, but had to drive all day and ran out of time to post. While the official end date of the fundraiser is over, I will extend it through... Read more

Reminder: Florida Fundraiser Ends on the 15th

Details of fundraiser at the end. Update on Thessalonians: My commentary is finished. All that’s left is for my proofreaders to finish their parts. There are three sections to this new book. (1) An introduction explaining my approach to Thessalonians, (2) a verse by verse commentary of both 1 and... Read more

Prayers for my Grandmother

In 2014 Grandmommy (Sherry Kennedy) was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. She had a surgery following this diagnosis to remove the tumor. The surgery went as planned and she was scheduled to begin standard cancer treatment. This treatment produced some stroke-like symptoms. She slowly lost her ability to move around and slowly... Read more

Florida Fundraiser

Hello everyone! This week in Florida we picked out a house and are waiting for the loan officer to give us the go-ahead. It is estimated that we will need anywhere from $3600 to $6000+ for the closing costs and down payment for the house. That being said, to assist... Read more

New Commentary Coming This Summer

Updates: Thank you all for the continued support. I just finished my commentary on 1 Thessalonians and have started in on 2 Thessalonians. I hope to have the second book done and all of it edited by the end of May depending on our housing situation. We are in FL... Read more